Alexandra Loft
Located in the splendid setting of Villa La Striscia, Alexandra Loft is the new reality exploded in the entertainment scene of Arezzo.
Designed and managed by the interior designer Alexandra La Capria, the restaurant presents itself as an elegant and at the same time dynamic space, always at the forefront and in constant evolution. A meeting point where culinary excellence and artistic excellence come together to give life to original experiences and aimed at a diverse audience.
From the music festival “Il Giardino della musica” to Live Music concerts on Friday evening through the lounge appointment with the exclusive Thursday cocktail party: Alexandra Loft dispenses emotions throughout the week offering a perfect location to celebrate your anniversaries, organize workshops or set up photo shoots.Housed in the former commercial warehouse area and, subsequently renovated and furnished by Alexandra La Capria, the loft has an interior of 160 square meters, an original combination of vintage and oriental, and a charming lounge under the stars where you can enjoy a drink or dine in the suffused candle light.

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