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Tenuta La Striscia

At the Occhini Wine Resort, we know how startling Tuscan culture can be. Food, wine, art, history, hand-gestures — there’s so much to see and learn that it might feel slightly overwhelming. That’s why we offer our guests several experiences through which we are sure they will have a better and enjoyable understanding of our culture.

Dine in the Vines

Enjoy a taste of Tuscan cuisine in the vineyards of our property. You will be treated to traditional dishes, local and organically certified wines, and a view of one of the ancient Roman aqueducts still running into the town of Arezzo.


Wine Tasting & Tour

Long before your local fast-food decided to “go green”, we were producing our wine organically. Take a tour of our age-old cellars and vineyards to discover the secrets of winemaking — at the end of the tour you’ll be able to overshare some secrets of your own over a glass of our red wine.


Frescoes al fresco

After a trip to the Basilica of San Francesco in Arezzo, you might wonder how Piero della Francesca could have achieved such a masterpiece. Although we cannot promise you’ll become an established painter overnight, artist Laura Ghezzi will try her best to make this happen with her art lessons. There you will learn more about frescoeing and other painting techniques, surrounded by the greenery of our gardens.


Cooking Lessons

Italian exceptionalism might make it feel like we are always trying our best to keep foreigner hands away from our recipes, but at the Occhini Wine Resort we are all about sharing. Discover our culinary tradition and the simplicity of our recipes, learning all about their ingredients and where they come from. From the vegan-friendly ribollita or pappa al pomodoro , to the locally sourced meat-based arista , our chef Domenico Briganti will teach you how to treat yourself and others to a typical Tuscan menu.


Massages & Wellbeing

Treat yourself to one of our masseurs’ talent, whether by the side of the pool or in your private room. Trust us, we’re putting you in good hands!


Cultural Events & Fairs

From the Giostra del Saracino , to the Fiera dell’Antiquariato , the town of Arezzo is full of traditions and novelties to discover. Do know we are always here to help you and offer you suggestions regarding recurring or current events.


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